Submissions List

Monitor Site Date Time Wave Intensity Waterfowl Surface Algal Bloom Algal Bloom Sheen Floating Plant Debris Bather Load Water Clarity Air Temp Water Temp Turbidity Comments
MendotaBeach122024-05-2004:19 pmCalm to small ripplesNoneNoneNoneNoneGood
MendotaBeach322023-08-0112:18 pmCalm to small ripplesSome (1-10)NoneNoneSome (1-10)Good81.0°82.0°80.0 cm
MendotaBeach122023-07-3012:08 pmSmall to moderate chopSome (1-10)NoneSome clear evidenceNoneFair74°79°61 cmLots of weed accumulation on shore, much less in the water
WingraPark32023-07-2807:29 amCalm to small ripplesNoneSome clear evidenceGreen in color, filamentous, plant-like hair-like strandsStrong extensive evidenceNoneGood73°82°120 cmEvidence of extensive waterfowl activity (poop, feathers) on dock and in water. Surface plant growth throughout observation area. Typically limited closer to shore.
MendotaBeach132023-07-1512:53 pmSmall to moderate chopSome (1-10)NoneSome clear evidenceSome (1-10)Fair77.9°80.8°37.5 cm
MendotaPark292023-06-2908:09 amCalm to small ripplesA lot (greater than 10)NoneNoneNoneGood74°72°112 cmEerily beautiful with this smog…
MendotaBeach132023-06-2810:51 amCalm to small ripplesSome (1-10)NoneSome clear evidenceNoneGood78°73.5°120 cm
MononaPark192023-06-2409:11 amCalm to small ripplesNoneNoneSome clear evidenceNoneGood74.7°76.5°114 cm
WingraPark32023-06-2307:39 amCalm to small ripplesNoneNoneSome clear evidenceSome (1-10)Good74°78°120 cm
WingraPark32023-06-2107:11 amCalm to small ripplesNoneNoneSome clear evidenceNoneGood69°76°120 cm
WaubesaPier142023-06-2004:15 pmSmall to moderate chopNoneNoneNoneNoneGood85°77°120 cm
MononaPark192023-06-0911:29 amCalm to small ripplesNoneNoneSome clear evidenceNoneGood70.2°76.6°116 cmAbsolutely beautiful beach day!
MononaPier92023-06-0708:49 amCalm to small ripplesSome (1-10)NoneStrong extensive evidenceNoneGood64.2°70.3°120 cm
WingraPier22023-05-2809:20 amCalm to small ripplesNoneStrong extensive evidenceGreen in color, filamentous, plant-like hair-like strandsSome clear evidenceNoneGood72°70°120 cmDead fish. Strong algae bloom near cattails. Algae growth on lakebed.
MononaPark192023-05-2610:34 amCalm to small ripplesSome (1-10)NoneSome clear evidenceNoneGood68.0°67.3°115 cm
MendotaPark292023-05-2509:07 amSmall to moderate chopNoneNoneStrong extensive evidenceNoneMurky55°58°10 cmLots of plants. Cyanobacteria apparently gone.
MononaBeach32023-05-2408:10 amSmall to moderate chopNoneNoneNoneNoneFair52.2°60.4°71 cmBad smelling, like decomposing surface algae
MendotaPark292023-05-2309:50 amRough waterVery dirty- surface material looks like a mix of Cyanobacteria and algi. Some very blue blobs that almost look like fertilizer? Will send more photos by email. Did not collect turbidity sample because I had not brought any gloves to wear.
KegonsaPier202023-05-2210:30 amCalm to small ripplesNoneNoneNoneNoneGood75°68°120 cm
MendotaPark292023-05-1410:20 amSmall to moderate chopNoneNoneSome clear evidenceNoneMurky54°58°25 cmLight rain. Plants mostly on beach shore. One dead fish (see photo)