Submissions List

Monitor Site Date Time Wave Intensity Waterfowl Surface Algal Bloom Algal Bloom Sheen Floating Plant Debris Bather Load Water Clarity Air Temp Water Temp Turbidity Comments
KegonsaPier11edit2022-09-2905:56 pmCalm to small ripplesSome (1-10)Some clear evidenceBluish green tint, paint, oily-like appearanceNoneNoneFair62.4°65.3°70.6 cmIt's hard to believe there was blue green algae given the temperature. I have attached a picture. The appearance is green, but I believe it is blue green algae, before bursting. It is definitely smaller particles than the smallest duckweed.
KegonsaPier11edit2022-09-2110:07 amSmall to moderate chopSome (1-10)Some clear evidenceBluish green tint, paint, oily-like appearanceSome clear evidenceNoneFair71.1°72.1°55.8 cm
MononaPark4edit2022-08-1909:36 amCalm to small ripplesNoneNoneSome clear evidenceNoneFair69.8°73.4°120 cm
WaubesaPark10edit2022-06-2409:06 amCalm to small ripplesNoneSome clear evidenceGreen in color, filamentous, plant-like hair-like strandsSome clear evidenceNoneGood79.5°80.6°120 cm